Cause Identified For Spike In Water Main Leaks

Officials with the Public Works division reported a spike in water leaks in the south end of Glendora Tuesday, which caused noticeable flooding of the roads as workers were connecting an aging pipe line to a new one.

Six leaks were reported Jan. 22 in a three-hour period, according to the city’s Public Works division. The pipe work in question was being performed at two places along Gladstone near Willow Elementary School and near Fire Station 85.

The leaks have since been repaired and customers reportedly did not experience any disruption in service said Jerry Burke, assistant Public Works director and city engineer.

“We got our crews out there and worked on them [the leaks] until 1 a.m.,” Burke said.

Three leaks were documented by a GCN follower, two at Ivy Street and Burnaby Drive and one at Treanor Avenue and Renwick Road.

Burke believes a pressurization issue caused the spike in pipe leaks. Contractors reportedly did not repressurize the line being worked on, causing air to enter the system when city workers began opening a valve.

Burke did not want to speculate on what the cost of the repairs would be, or how much water was lost.

About 224 miles of water line crisscross underneath Glendora streets. Normally, the city experiences two or three leaks per week as some of its pipe system is more than 60 years old, Burke said.

The older pipes installed during the 1950s have a shelf life of about 50 years. The new pipes being installed slowly can last 80 years or more, Burke said.

Water leaks may take at least 48 hours to investigate and repair due to state law requirements to notify gas, power and communication companies. Violators can be fined as much as $50,000.

Community vigilance is an important factor to repairing leaks in a timely manner, Burke said, and wanted to remind all residents to report potential issues.

“We want you to report those leaks, even if you’re not sure if it’s a leak reported,” Burke said. “We can’t be everywhere, every time, so call us.”

For emergency notifications regarding water leaks, call (626) 914-8246.

Non-emergency water leaks can be reported to the city online, or by email at

For after hours notifications, call the Glendora Police Department at (626) 914-8250.


Photo courtesy of Chris Thompson.