Post-Rain Water Saving Tips from Glendora Gardens Nursery

With Glendora receiving over 4 inches of rain this week, there is an opportunity for residents to conserve water and save money.

We understand that each time there is a water conservation story, some are quick to point the finger at neighbors, businesses or the city not doing enough. Even if that were the case, it could benefit you financially to continue doing your part, despite other’s efforts.

Glendora Gardens Nursery, who has been helping residents transition to more drought tolerant landscaping, with and without city incentives, offers up some tips for your landscaping in the aftermath of plentiful rainfall. The nursery cut it’s own watering by around 33% compared to the same 2013 period since spring of 2015 when state mandates were ordered to cities, so they have some terrific insight.

  1. Turn off all irrigation – No surprise that the easiest thing to do right before and after rain is to stop watering. Most landscaping can go for up to a week with the rainfall we just received.
  2. Don’t water lawns for 7-10 days – Based on the 4 inches we received and the temperatures forecasted to be no higher than mid 60’s for the next couple weeks, lawns can go unwatered for this period of time. Dry soil will be a sign to water sooner.
  3. Use rain barrel water first – When soil begins to dry, spot water first using rain water collected in rain barrels. Another tip in lieu of rain barrels is to place empty trash cans under tha valleys of your roof to collect run-off for use in the weeks after the rain.
  4. Water high priority plants first – Those in containers and the ones you have planted recently are most urgently in need of watering. The others can extend their roots out into the soil and should manage quite well on the natural rainfall.
  5. Don’t let it all drain away – Ensure your plants and trees have correct grading around them so that sitting water will seep down near them and not run-off in a wasted area too far from the roots.
  6. Mulch it – Add a fresh layer of mulch at the base of trees and shrubs to help hold moisture following rain.
  7. Keep the weeds at bay – Weeds starve the trees and plants of moisture. Obviously it’s best to weed before a rain fall to keep the newly acquired moisture usable for the trees and plants afterwards.
  8. Add a PreEmergent – Adding a weed PreEmergent will prevent new weed seeds from germinating moving forward. This will not affect established plants but don’t start any flowers/veggies from seed while using PreEmergent in the area.
  9. Divide and Conquer – Divide and replant the flowers that thrived in the dry summer. Use the softening of your soil from the recent rain as an opportunity to improve the soil with compost, as fertile soil holds moisture well.
  10. Embrace the drought – Use this opportunity to switch to more drought tolerant plants and landscaping.

For more tips and to help with any landscape questions, please contact Glendora Gardens Nursery.

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