Empty Clown Threats Find Their Way To Glendora

Instagram post from clown group threatening to show up in Covina, Azusa and Glendora

You may have heard on mainstream news regarding groups of people dressed in clown suits using social media to threaten to show up in different cities.

Different social media accounts have been popping up and making their way through middle school and high school students in California cities. It appears that many are simply copycats and it is a prank being done in different areas.

Clowns in GlendoraOn Monday, a new Instagram account named “weareincovina” put out a message that read “You really want to see the real us? Step on down tomorrow 6-9PM we’ll be roaming Glendora”.

By Tuesday afternoon the message had made its way through many students in the Glendora School District and Charter Oak School District and prompted many messages to GCN.

Another message on Tuesday read, “CHARTER OAK HIGH SCHOOL! We are here”

The Glendora Police are aware of the messages and although there was no actual threat made, have heard about it through multiple sources as well.

Other groups on social media have popped up as clown spotters and catchers, asking people throughout the area to report any clown sightings.

On Tuesday night one of those groups reported on Twitter that a clown was seen in Glendora near Glendora Avenue and Sierra Madre. There was no other evidence of this sighting however from residents and the Glendora Police department has had no reports.

Glendora clown postIn Lancaster just yesterday, the police warned residents regarding some of these clown groups going a step further, using actual knives to increase the scare tactic to the community.

“Authorities in Lancaster Wednesday warned people to be aware of a new “prank” involving a group of males approaching pedestrians while wearing clown masks and possibly carrying kitchen knives”, according to a Fox 11 news story.


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