Two Recovering After Being Struck Near Holiday Stroll

A couple were hit by a vehicle while leaving the Annual Holiday Stroll in the Glendora Village on Friday night.

A 76-year-old man and his girlfriend, believed to be in her 60’s or 70’s, by family who reached out to GCN, were hit near the intersection of Bennett Ave and Wabash Ave. The male told a family member he noticed the car a great distance away when they were already halfway across the street but still didn’t have time to get out of the way.

The accident took place shortly before 9pm and required both the male and female victim to be airlifted to USC Medical Center according to his son and law.

The son in law told GCN that they are both recovering at this hour at USC Medical Center, with moderate injuries, ranging from a broken finger, broken leg and head injury to many cuts and bruises.

According to Glendora PD, the vehicle was traveling westbound but would not say if speed was a factor.

Multiple sources on social media as well as the son in law, claim the vehicle was traveling fast, especially considering the large crowd in the area and because the street lights in that area are not well lit, if at all. Bystanders noted the driver of the vehicle was a female and appeared to be visibly shaken up.

A nurse who lives near the scene, rushed to help along with an off-duty EMT. Glendora police officers then arrived to assist in aid before Los Angeles County Fire Department arrived.

Family wanted to thank that nurse and off-duty EMT for helping the couple so quickly. The couple are both residents of La Verne who were attending the Holiday Stroll to see their granddaughter perform in a choir.