Majority of Glendora K-Rails To Be Removed

Area of K-rail on North Glendora Ave, just above Sierra Madre

The K-rail systems put in place after the January 16, 2014 Colby Fire will finally be coming down in the near future. Nearly 2 miles of K-rails were put in various areas and Glendora neighborhoods to protect against the threat of floods and debris flows.

At the time, the estimate from experts from the US Forest Service and United States Geological Survey was that it would take 3-5 years for our hillsides to regain the vegetation and the soil to get back to a state of percolation rate to handle rainfall. Although we experienced further unexpected drought conditions, it seems that based on the last winter, the hillsides are in a position not to pose a threat for most areas affected.

In the next couple of months, City Manager Chris Jeffers estimates that up to 95% of the K-rails will be removed and hauled away. The City of Burbank will be doing this at no cost to Glendora so that they can use the K-rails for their recent burn areas.

Some of the areas where K-rails will remain until at least May 2018 are listed below. All measurements are approximate.

200 feet on Oak Canyon Lane

120 feet on North Glendora Ave

120 feet at the North end of Vista Bonita

200 feet on West Palm Drive and North Grand Ave

140 feet on Rainbow Drive

100 feet on Hicrest and Yucca Ridge

40 feet on Palm Drive near little Dalton Wash

110 feet on Becklee and Saga Street