Glendora City Manager Not Seeking Extension

Glendora City Hall

Current Glendora City Manager Chris Jeffers announced to City Staff Monday that he will not be seeking an extension of his contract. His current contract expires July 31, 2018.

Glendora Mayor, Gary Boyer stated “Chris let the Council know of his decision not to seek an extension to his contract months ago in order to help us prepare for his departure, but wanted to wait until about 6 months prior to the end of his contract before making his announcement public.”

Jeffers was first hired on July 16, 2007, coming from Monterey Park, where he served as Assistant City Manager and then was named as City Manager in 1991. He held that position until accepting the Glendora City Manager position in 2007. The Glendora Council last extended Jeffers contract for four years in July, 2014.

“Chris Jeffers knowledge of City government is superb. His conservative management has enabled Glendora to remain financially strong and provide outstanding services to our community”, said Mayor Pro Tem Mendell Thompson. “We are going to miss his expertise and leadership in many areas, but celebrate his more than three decades of public service. It’s been a privilege to serve with him and wish him the very best in retirement”, added Thompson.

Chris Jeffers addressing media during one of many debris flows the city faced

Jeffers has seen Glendora through the recent Great Recession when Municipalities everywhere were struggling financially and with the cooperation of city staff and employees, Glendora survived the recession without the deep cuts and financial hardship suffered by many California cities.

During his tenure, Glendora also experienced the Colby Fire which lead to Glendora becoming a National focus as we escaped major devastation. During the Colby Fire, five Glendora families lost their homes and as devastating as that was, it could have been much worse if not for the quick response of First Responders to protect lives and homes. Jeffers leadership during that period was recognized throughout the State.

Council Member Judy Nelson added “During my time as a Council Member, I’ve been appreciative of Chris’ focus on maintaining the financial stability of the city. He has ensured that, in spite of numerous challenges, we have never spent beyond our means while ensuring that we provide essential services for the residents of Glendora.”

Not without some turmoil, Jeffers has also been the negative target of many in the community for his support of high density housing, which has seemingly lead the city to an increase in nonconforming multiple story buildings. In addition, city employees as well as the Glendora Police Officers’ Association have cited dislike for his perceived negotiation tactics, leading to low morale and tense contract negotiations, according to some employees.

Jeffers will continue as City Manager through the end of his contract. A replacement as not been named as of yet, according to city officials.