GPD Nabs Three Car Burglars

Stock Image of Glendora Police Car, Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

Three more award winning individuals are now behind bars after a resident notified police of their car being burglarized.

The resident in the 200 block of South La Quinta Drive, heard noises late Tuesday night out front of their home. The resident witnessed individuals running from the car in their driveway to a blacked out maroon Acura waiting in the street and called police. The car quickly sped off.

A Glendora Officer located the car driving near Lone Hill Avenue and Foothill running a red light and continued down Lone Hill to Route 66, running another red light before being stopped by police.

Inside the car, stolen items were found from the La Quinta address as well as another address on nearby Valcourt. Other stolen items were found that police have not yet identified there origin.

The three arrested all had previous warrants out for their arrest and were from Rialto and Fontana. Arrested were Awad Khair Zaben 22, Danny Raul Venezuela 26 and Carol Ann Hello 36.

Glendora Police believe that the car contained stolen items from earlier in the night that they cannot identify the victims as of yet. If your car was broken into, please contact the Glendora Police Department at 626-914-8250 to try to identify any items which may be yours.