The 2018 Propositions on November’s Ballot

On September 22, 2018 at the Citrus Valley Association of REALTORS, Brad Jensen the Director of Public Policy at the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership presented the 12 upcoming Propositions voters will be voting on in November. Mr. Jensen went through each Proposition and answered questions throughout the presentation. The presentation went in order with the exception of Prop 10 & 6 which were saved for last.

Below you will find the video time where each proposition was discussed for ease of study.

Video Timing:
Proposition 1: 1:57  (Issues $4 billion in bonds for housing programs and veterans’ home loans (Bond))
Proposition 2: 19:02  (Authorizes state to use revenue from millionaire’s tax for $2 billion in bonds for homelessness prevention housing (Bond))
Proposition 3: 24:00  (Issues $8.877 billion in bonds for water-related infrastructure and environmental projects (Bond))
Proposition 4: 26:57  (Issues $1.5 billion in bonds for children’s hospitals (Bond))
Proposition 5: 27:57  (Revises process for homebuyers who are age 55 or older or severely disabled to transfer their tax assessments)
Proposition 7: 32:00 (Authorizes legislature to provide for permanent daylight saving time if federal government allows) Pulled from the ballot
Proposition 8: 34:40 (Requires dialysis clinics to issue refunds for revenue above a certain amount)
Proposition 9: 36:27  (Dividing California) Pulled from the ballot
Proposition 11: 37:08  (Requiring Ambulance Employees To Be On-Call During Breaks)
Proposition 12: 38:28  (Bans sale of meat from animals confined in spaces below specific sizes)
Proposition 10: 41:49  (Allowing Local Authorities to Enact Rent Control)
Proposition 6: 57:28  (Repeals 2017’s fuel tax and vehicle fee increases and requires public vote on future increases)

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The presentation was brought to the community by the Route 66 Republican Kaffee Klatch.