Glendora High Student, Will Browne, Races his way to a Championship!

Will Browne has made his mark racing at Wheel2Wheel Raceway, winning the overall championship against some of the best racers around! 

Will Browne, an eighteen-year-old Glendora High Student is an aspiring professional race car driver. He accomplished a feat in 2021 that launched his career in a forward direction. 

Will grew up with a love for motorsports his whole life and started his racing career at age thirteen in dirt go-karts. He quickly developed a passion for racing and had the motivation to put all his effort towards developing his driving skills. His first year of racing was a pivotal year and a clear step in the right direction. It was in 2017 when he secured the track championship in his dirt go-kart. As Will gained more experience behind the wheel, he moved up to the Pro 500 Class at Wheel2Wheel Raceway. There was plenty of learning that took place as well as a fair share of struggles such as crashes, poor finishes, and lack of funding. Fast forward through to November 2021, where he is reminiscing on the phenomenal race season he had. At this time, Will is the winningest driver in the last two years, holds a six-race win streak (an unheard-of feat in the pro class), and secured the 2021 Championship all while being one of the youngest drivers in the class. This was no easy task, as he went up against many established drivers who have been racing longer than Will has been alive. These are all factors that have put him in contention to be one of the best drivers the track has seen. His dad, Todd Browne is his full-time crew chief and mechanic, maintaining a near-perfect race car for Will to drive. Will said, “I am extremely grateful to have the support that I do. None of this would be possible without the support of my Mom, Dad, and sponsors; Quicky Smog, Pacific Panel, Pool Element, and Tucker Tire.” 

With a successful year of racing in his hindsight, Will has big plans for next year. He will be competing in a series that races across the entire state of California, in front of tens of thousands of people, and donating all of his winnings and prize money to a charitable cause.

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