Linda Boyd


State your full name and age.
Linda Shirley Boyd.  Old enough to know better than to answer the age question.

State your occupation.
Registered Nurse and Parent

How many years have you lived in Glendora?

Have you ever held an elected office before? If so, what position, where and when?
Elected Member of the Los Angeles County Republican Central Committee from Glendora from 1998 to 2012. Elected to seven consecutive terms. Served as Chairman of the Los Angeles County Republican Party from 2003 to 2008.

What are your qualifications for running for school board?
I have been involved with Glendora kids for over 30 years as a dedicated parent, PTA Member, Team Mom for six Little League and soccer teams, costume maker and leader in elementary school plays and performances, and as a community leader around town. I will work hard to uphold our high Glendora standards for academic excellence and traditional American values.

What do you consider the biggest issue(s) facing the district?
It is critically important to maintain the high academic standards of Glendora schools. Implementation of Common Core curriculum must be done without limiting those high standards, and must provide teachers with flexibility to teach creatively. One size does not fit all academically, and Glendora should continue to aim high in educating our children.

As the mother of three children attending Cullen Elementary School, I deal with homework every day and have concerns that the new curriculum is confusing our students and frustrating our teachers, especially in math. When I interviewed recently with the Glendora Teachers Association I saw their frustration too, and would work closely with them within the confines of the law to solve these problems so our kids can learn more effectively.

Every district is impacted by the cap of school district reserves imposed by the Legislature last year. It is outrageous that Sacramento politicians are telling Glendorans how much they can save for a rainy day in our own local school district. This limit is dangerously low, and I fully support the efforts of the California School Boards Association (CSBA) and statewide PTA to remove or raise the cap. I join them in advocating for SB 799, which would raise the cap to 17% and will advocate for it’s complete removal as a Member of the Glendora School Board.

Name three qualities you have that make you the candidate of choice.
Experience, knowledge of the issues and passion for our children’s education and therefore their future.

How do you plan to work with the school board to overcome the issues facing the district?
As a Member of the Glendora Board of Education, I would work with my fellow Board Members, the Glendora Teachers Association and the PTA to achieve consensus on how to approach new curriculum implementation and removal of the school reserve cap. I think we are all united in our common goal of academic excellence and I look forward to working with all of them to lift Glendora children even higher academically. I believe in full transparency and public access, starting with myself. My cell phone is 626-826-8883 and my email is I look forward to hearing from Glendorans on their concerns and appreciate their suggestions.