Linda Chan



State your full name and age.
Linda Chan – 60

State your occupation.
Community College Professor

How many years have you lived in Glendora?
About 5 years however I have lived in Southern California for 40 years.

Have you ever held an elected office before? If so, what position, where and when?
I have not held a public office before however, I have been elected within educational organizations to hold leadership positions.

What are your qualifications for running for school board?
I have been in the classroom for over 30 years and have served in many governance committees. I have training in school safety and school management as well as school finance. I have served as an executive board member for the HEAD start program. Additionally, I am actively involved at the state level in advocating for our students, examples include “restorative justice”, “anti-bullying” and “student success”.

What do you consider the biggest issue(s) facing the district?
Some of our biggest issues come from outside interests that do not have knowledge of how our schools are run at the classroom level.  My primary concerns are that our students are safe and that their needs are met ,whether they are financial, physical, mental or emotional, so that they are able to
receive the best education possible. Our schools need to have classrooms that have the right environment for our students to learn and our teachers need have the right equipment, preparation and training to provide the highest quality education for our students.

Name three qualities you have that make you the candidate of choice.
I am an educator.
I have knowledge of the education code, school finance, school safety and school management.
I am motivated, energetic and willing to do the work necessary.

How do you plan to work with the school board to overcome the issues facing the district?
I plan to work collaboratively and transparently in whatever capacity necessary to order to enable our students, directly, and indirectly their parents and our wider community, to advance their goals of educational success.