Moderate Rains Blanket Glendora Early Morning

Citizens continue to wait for potentially strong rains to hit Glendora Tuesday.

Authorities have closed Glendora Mountain Road until further notice due to the recent and expected rains.

The National Weather Service has said that record rainfalls for set in many areas Dec. 2 may be broken today.

City crews have been busy clearing mud and debris from Becklee Road in anticipation of the big storm.

Crews with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works was set to start clearing 45,000 cubic yards of mud from the debris basins in the foothills. It appeared Tuesday that crews had at least begun working, but how much mud was removed is not known.

Heavy rain has just started to descend on the foothills.

A press conference is tentatively scheduled for 11 a.m. in the Friends Room of the Glendora Public Library.



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