See What Happened After GCN Followers Saw This

Illegal Dumping South Hills Park

On Sunday evening, we at Glendora City News posted a picture that was shared with us on social media regarding illegal dumping in the South Hills Park at the north end of Bonnie Cove Avenue in Glendora.

Upon seeing this, our readers were infuriated that someone would do such a brazen act but two readers of Glendora City News took action. As the Academy Awards were on television and rain came down in the Glendora area, two strangers met at the dump location to start the cleanup efforts immediately.

After trash was removed at South Hills ParkHector Carrillo, 36, of nearby Valinda and Lucas Ameduri, 35, a Covina resident were both so appalled by the picture of the illegal dumping that they arranged to meet that night at 9pm to clean it up using Carrillo’s truck and trash bin.

Both men have ties to Glendora, either by work or friends and family. Carrillo has been recently talking to his children regarding taking action on community needs.

“I was happy to help. I’m trying to teach my kids to act on things and this is one example”, Carrillo said.

The following morning, they went back for the second and final load but by that time the city had also assisted and completed the cleanup. It is times like this that we are reminded how important community is, not just in Glendora but residents of our surrounding areas as well.

Thank you Hector Carrillo and Lucas Ameduri!

This Saturday, February 28, from 9am-10am there is a group of volunteers led by John Ferrell who are meeting at South Hills Park off Mauna Loa to pick up trash. You can learn more about the event at the following link.