Sickly Coyote Captured, To Be Euthanized After Killing Pet Feline

A sickly coyote was captured Wednesday afternoon after it wandered into a Glendora neighborhood and killed a resident’s cat.

The coyote was scared off to Gaillard Street, a few blocks north from where the attack occurred, taken into custody by Fish and Wildlife officials who determined the coyote was old, sick and in distress. It will eventually be euthanized, authorities said.

Police responded to the call of a coyote in the 400 block of West Kirkwall Road around 3:30 p.m.

Resident Denise Aceves was at home on Gaillard when she was alerted by her barking dog. She went outside to see the coyote slowly walking  towards her home. A neighbor told Aceves she shooed away the coyote after it killed another neighbor’s cat on her front yard.

Aceves, a Glendora resident since 1988, said she has seen coyotes occasionally, but has never seen one this sickly. She noticed this coyote was wandering the streets in the afternoon for the last week.

Photo courtesy of Denise Aceves.

Photo courtesy of Denise Aceves.


Photo courtesy of Denise Aceves.


Aceves chased after the coyote away, worried about the children and parents nearby at Washington Elementary School.

“It was walking very slow without a care.Then I saw it go into someones garage. The garage was closed and had a hole in the front of it. It new exactly where it was going,” Aceves said. “At first I thought the homeowner was keeping it as a pet.”

Glendora police officers were called and arrived. Glendora Police eventually summoned the Department of Fish and Wildlife and th Inland Valley Humane Society. Authorities opened the garage to extract the coyote. It was eventually removed by the Human Society officer.
“Based on established policies, procedures, and the facts of this particular incident, the animal was trapped and will be humanely euthanized as required by law,” said Glendora Police in a written statement.