DECISION 2015: Officials Count Additional Remaining Ballots

Election officials spent much of Wednesday preparing for and finally counting the additional provisional and vote by mail ballots for Glendora’s municipal election.

The final count kept the six candidates in their respective places from last week’s tally:

  • Gary Boyer: 3,178
  • Mendell Thompson: 2,694
  • Judy Nelson: 2,481
  • Joe Santoro: 2,253
  • Michael Allawos: 2,220
  • Erica Landmann: 2,074

According to Glendora City Clerk Kathleen Sessman, 6,009 total ballots were cast, with citywide registration as of March 11 at 31,629. That’s down from 5,887 voters in 2011 based on a 20.3 percent registered voter turnout, according to the 2011 April/May issue of “Glendora Report.”

A special City Council meeting will take place Thursday, March 26, at 7 p.m. for the city to certify the election results, swear in the winners and to bid farewell to at least one outgoing council member. The annual rotation of the mayor and mayor pro tem will also take place.