Candidate Positions Unchanged, Additional Votes Added After Recount

image1webElections officials completed a re-inspection and recount Tuesday morning of the 6,009 ballots cast in the March 3 election after a reported inconsistency was found in the vote count.

The positions of all candidates remain unchanged, although the votes for each increased from last week’s inclusion of vote-by-mail and provisional ballots. The recount provided little change to the candidate’s final percentage of the vote, simply adding votes evenly for the final tally.

The vote count stands at:

  • Gary Boyer: 3,338
  • Mendell Thompson: 2,787
  • Judy Nelson: 2,609
  • Joe Santoro 2,341
  • Michael Allawos: 2,314
  • Eric Landmann: 2,148

There were more vote-by-mail votes counted during Tuesday’s second run, said City Clerk and Glendora Elections Official Kathleen Sessman, possibly because the ballot counter did not detect the votes the first time due to the voter either not making a clear mark or because the marks were smeared into an adjacent box.

The majority of the change came in the way of the vote-by-mail ballots, with all candidates gaining 6 percent to 9 percent total, not nearly enough to change any overall standings. The precinct voting, which is done Election Day in the polling locations showed only a 1 percent gain across the board.

The late vote-by-mail, also known as the second run ballots saw a 4 percent increase across all candidates gains.

Vote-by-mail ballots from precincts 14 and 4 were manually counted to verify the accuracy of the ballot counting machine, which was determined as accurate, Sessman said..

The recount of the ballots was initiated after Sessman determined there was a possible inconsistency and undercount of some of the ballots after a manual recount of 10 percent of the ballots was performed March 12.

Zak Bushey Contributed to this story.