Search Warrant Served, Officer Assaulted at Home of Armed Felon

Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

Detectives conducted a follow up to Monday’s arrest of an armed felon who allegedly chased a significant, with officers eventually arresting a man for delaying and assaulting an officer.

A search warrant was served at 1:59 p.m. in the 800 block of East Lemon Avenue at the residence of Anthony Gallo, 33, who was arrested after an incident Monday morning. Police located a stolen .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun, which was recovered after being ditched by Gallo, police previously told GCN.

A family member of Gallo stated that other firearms were allegedly in the home on Lemon, which is why the search warrant was served, said Lt. Matt Williams of Glendora Police.

Upon arriving to the home, 52-year-old resident George Maurer exited and told detectives to “get off his property,” despite being told by detectives that a search warrant was being served.

Maurer ran into the home and barricaded the door with his 6 foot 2, 300-pound body, Williams said.

Detectives breached the door with a battering ram.

Inside the home Maurer reportedly refused to comply with officers to put his hands behind his back and at one point reached his hand into the cushions of a sofa, Williams said. A detective grabbed Maurer’s arm and a struggle ensued.

One of the responding detectives was assaulted in the struggle and Maurer was eventually subdued with a stun gun, Williams said.

The detective was treated at the scene. Maurer was transported to an area hospital where he was evaluated. He was soon after arrested and booked on suspicion of felony battery on an officer and delaying an officer, Williams said.

Maurer eventually posted $50,000 bond.

Williams said the department did not want to reveal if weapons were located in the home or not.

Two other people inside the home were cooperative with detectives and were not arrested.