Glendora To Enlist Hungry Helpers To Reduce Fire Hazard


If you see an exponential amount of goats throughout town, do not be alarmed. Glendora is not being taken over.

The city will once again enlist the help of their four-legged friends to handle weed abatement in five locations in Glendora to provide an environmentally-friendly method of creating fire breaks and reduce fire hazards, officials said on the city website.

The goats are scheduled to start working the first week of April at the following locations:

  • 11.52 acres southeast of Big Dalton Canyon
  • 5.65 acres adjacent to Big Dalton Wash, near Glendora Avenue
  • 5,682 acres along Big Dalton Wash near Elwood Avenue
  • 5.1 acres north of the Interstate 210 freeway behind Hunter’s Trail

Weeds and fire hazards can be cleared in large, natural areas in rough and sometimes inaccessible terrain without resorting to the use of harsh chemicals, city officials said.

The goats, from Ranchito Tivo Boer Goats in Chino, can consume up to 25 percent of their body weight every day. The animals can also reportedly eliminate poison ivy and fertilize the ground.

The city first began utilizing goats as a natural weed abatement in 2011.

The weed and fire hazard abatement is expected to continue through the end of May.