IRS Phone Scam Hitting Glendora Residents Today

Glendora residents are being targeted today by an IRS phone scam that leads people to think that they will be arrested by local law enforcement unless they quickly settle up old tax debt over the phone.

The caller is identifying themselves as IRS employees and asking for the victim by name. They are then claiming an unpaid balance of taxes from a previous year is due and that a warrant has already been issued for the victim on the phone. The caller next claims that local law enforcement will be there within the hour to arrest them but a settlement can still be paid over the phone to stop the arrest.

The caller has also said to at least one victim GCN spoke with that there will be no bail allowed if the arrest takes place.

According to Lieutenant Matt Egan of the Glendora Police Department, there have been at least four reports with the same pattern today.

As a reminder, the IRS does not typically reach out to people by phone. If you get one of these calls simply hang up and report it to Glendora PD at 626-914-8250.

If you want to verify info with the IRS, please visit their site and follow the correct methods of contacting them at