Is Another Naugles in Glendora’s Future?

Not so fast…there are no plans to get another Naugles in Glendora, once a popular hang out spot, but the first new Naugles has opened up this week in Fountain Valley, so there is always hope.

Over 25 years have passed since Glendora lost it’s Naugles to the merger with Del Taco in 1988. There is not a day that goes by that the famous Mexican fast food chain isn’t mentioned in one of our city’s social media groups when people are reminiscing about the good old days.


Vintage Hat from Naugles Uniform in the 1980’s

A food blogger named Christian Ziebarth has batteled Del Taco in court since 2010 over the trademark rights, claiming that the branding and rights had been abandoned years earlier. In April of this year Ziebarth was victorious, as a federal panel sided with him.

This week was the soft opening and rebirth of Naugles at the first new store, located at 18471 Mt. Langley, Fountain Valley. What was anticipated to be a quiet soft opening, soon became hour or so lines wrapped around the building, with people waiting to get their hands on such classics as the beef and cheese burrito, bean and beef cups, taco salad cup and their famous hot sauce.

If you would like more info about the new Naugles, check out their facebook group. Maybe we can talk them into coming back to Glendora!

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