VIDEO: Spaghetti Eating Contests Cap Off Spaghetti Eddie’s 30th Anniversary

Spaghetti Eddie’s celebrated their 30th anniversary with spaghetti eating contests, fun and roll back prices Monday night.

Over $1,000 was raised by the Italian restaurant and will be donated to the Glendora Education Foundation.

Daniel Boyer, Co-President of the Glendora Education Foundation, appreciates the continued support of the community to our schools.

“We are so blessed in this community to have wonderful support from our businesses. What a fun way to support us and we thank all those who participated”

Some off the spaghetti eating contests pitted an interesting variety of match ups. The main heat of the evening was Glendora Mayor Karen Davis  versus Glendora Unified Superintendent Robert Voors.

This fun video highlight was sped up so you can take in the whole race. Voors edged out Davis but it was almost a photo finish as she held her own.

In addition to the plethora of spaghetti painted faces of those competing, the restaurant also offered roll back prices including $3.95 Spaghetti, $4.95 Ravioli, and $5.95 Alfredo and Lasagna.

Some of the other pairings included three Glendora police officers against three Spaghetti Eddie’s waitresses.

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