Help GCN get Valentine Cards For Aiden’s Birthday

2 year-old Aiden Kramer in the hospital. *Photo courtesy of Aiden's GoFundMe page

A 2 year-old Glendora area boy is fighting Leukemia and will spend his 3rd birthday in a hospital bed at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

That birthday also happens to be on Valentine’s Day and we are asking Glendora residents, or anyone really, to join GCN and send Aiden a Valentine’s Day or Birthday card with one single dollar bill in it if possible.

The dollar bill is upon his request so that he has more to put in his piggy bank for college. Whether or not he understands what college is doesn’t matter, it’s pretty cute seeing him stuff his Disney Castle style piggy bank and say it with sincerity.

Aiden shows GCN reporter Zak Bushey his favorite thing to do with the nurses at Children's Hospital, using their Pneumatic Tube.

Aiden shows GCN reporter Zak Bushey his favorite thing to do with the nurses at Children’s Hospital, using their Pneumatic Tube.

Aiden calls his supporters “Aiden’s Army” because they are helping him fight his “sick blood” as he calls it. Aiden has a rare form of Leukemia known as AML, or acute myelogenous leukemiaand has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments since October.

He underwent his last chemotherapy treatment hours before our video interview and his parents are hoping for him to be out of the hospital and cancer free by the end of February.

Though Aiden will be spending his birthday in his hospital room at Children’s Hospital, his family is optimistic upon being released.

“Knowing that we get to go home for good means that our Son gets to be a normal little boy again. He will go back to school, visit parks and spend time with family. It means the world to us to be so blessed and have the amazing staff at CHLA help us get through”, his mother Ashley told GCN.

Please send or bring by Valentine/Birthday cards to:

Aiden Kramer C/O Zak Bushey

211 N. Glendora Ave.

Glendora, CA. 91741


To learn more and follow Aiden on his road to recovery, please visit his Facebook page or GoFundMe page to donate any amount of your choice in addition to sending the cards.

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