Glendora, SoCal Residents Come Up Big For Aiden’s Valentine Birthday

Once again, Glendora residents have reminded us what community means.

Last week GCN visited a Glendora area boy, Aiden, who has been going through treatment at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Aiden was diagnosed with AML, a rare for form of Leukemia. Since the treatments began, he and his family had to move back close to family in Temple City for financial purposes.

GCN Editor Zak Bushey delivering cards to AidenGCN asked Glendora residents to join us in gathering as many Valentine or Birthday cards as possible to deliver to Aiden on his 3rd birthday, which was Feb 14. Glendora residents mailed or dropped off over 200 cards and gifts to the GCN drop off location.

In addition, GCN used our contact with KTLA Anchor Chris Burrous, to spread the word. Burrous along with KTLA producers were quick to further our efforts and called out to their viewers as well to get Aiden cards with a single dollar bill in it.

Aiden had requested a single dollar donation from people so he can stuff them in his piggy bank and save for college.

Aiden blowing a kiss to say thank you to everyone who sent him a card

Aiden blowing a kiss to say thank you to everyone who sent him a card

Along with GCN, KTLA and Fox Channel 11 News, Aiden received thousands of cards and gifts. We were honored to be part of delivering them over his birthday weekend and seeing the smile on his face. His joy for life was brighter than anything this reporter has witnessed before and witnessing the love he and his parents have for each other made our efforts worth it.

With his final diagnosis and cure according to doctors, being in sight, he will live to see that day. Aiden is scheduled to leave the hospital cancer free by the end of February. We pray that Aiden will ring the ceremonial bell at the cancer ward and never look back. Go live your well deserved life Aiden, we all love you! ~Zak Bushey

Here is our initial video with Aiden as well as the KTLA follow up from yesterday.