GCN Gun Poll Results Overwhelming, 89% Believe in CCW Permits

A few weeks ago GCN put out a brief story and poll questions regarding Glendorans feelings on guns, specifically gun control.

The results were overwhelmingly in support of those trying to exercise their second amendment rights. Over 1,800 people voted on three separate poll questions.

In fact, 89% of participants believed that residents should be issued a concealed carry permit (CCW) if they pass a background check and have firearms training. The poll included 1,557 votes in favor and only 187 votes against.

72% of residents said they would feel safer knowing that some citizens in the community are legally armed with a weapon.

See full poll results below.

Most states issue CCW permits but California has among the strictest laws. In addition, California leaves it up to individual counties to issue the permits.

There are now roughly 70,000 active permits in California, more than half are clustered in seven counties. Our county of Los Angeles, being one of the most liberal in the state, has a Sheriff’s Department that chooses to be a “May Issue” and not to be a “Shall Issue” area.

“May Issue” systems require a license or permit to carry a concealed handgun, issuance of such is at the discretion of local authorities and they may not consider self defense a good cause.

“Shall Issue” systems require a license or permit to carry a concealed handgun, and applicants must meet certain well defined objective criteria such as a background and training. A good cause is not necessarily needed, or they may consider self defense a good cause.

As of this story, there are 41 states that are “Shall Issue”. California is one of only 9 states still under a stricter “May Issue” system.

Below are some of the other counties and how many residents have been issued a CCW.

Fresno: 7,647
Kern: 6,479
Shasta: 5,906
Sacramento: 5,769
Tulare: 3,967
San Bernardino: 3,264
Orange: 3,132
Source: California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Firearms

A Facebook group has been started for Glendora residents in favor of CCW permits. You can join the page by clicking HERE.


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