BREAKING NEWS: GHS All Clear After Adult On Campus Causing Issues

Stock Image, Glendora Police.

This morning multiple rumors were flying regarding a woman on the campus of Glendora High School acting erratically. She is now being detained by Glendora Police Officers.

There were tweets and other social media posts regarding GHS and its students on lockdown. These were unfounded rumors but an adult on campus did create some confusion that lead to students being held away from her area according to multiple students telling GCN.

GCN has viewed a student video that was posted to twitter showing the incident. It appears the lady does a series of dance moves and summersaults before exposing herself by pulling her pants down in front of students.

Glendora Corporal Shawna Celello confirmed that school officials became aware of a lady, possibly a parent, causing a scene on campus. GPD arrived within about one minute and instantly made contact with the subject and detained her.

There was no other info at this time but officers and district officials made it clear that at no time was there a physical threat to any students whatsoever.