BREAKING NEWS: Small Vegetation Fire Quickly Doused Near Top of Middle School

Firefighters complete the fire protection as only smoke remains.

A small vegetation fire broke out this morning around 8:20am at Sandburg Middle School.

The fire was near a set of pine trees near the third level, on the east side road down to the baseball fields.

School officials called 911 after two students reported the fire said school Principal Eric Osborne.

A Glendora Police Officer was the first to arrive, and with the help of school staff, created a fire line around the small fire with a fire extinguisher from his patrol car.

Firefighters arrived a few minutes later and were able to get the fire out quickly and with no damage to any part of the campus other than a few trees in that area.

It is not known what caused the fire but school officials were working with police to determine the cause and talk to witnesses in the area. The fire broke out about 10 minutes prior to classes starting for first period.