Shop With A Mission Helping Develop Talented Artisans

Shop with a Mission sign along Route 66

Shop with a Mission, a quaint shop under the nonprofit organization Heavenly Treasures, is changing lives with each product.

Kathy Gaulton’s life changing moment didn’t come until her mission trip to Tanzania, where she was asked to help five local ladies start a business. Their determination fueled Gaulton’s desire to help those who were less fortunate, and she resolved to change her way of life.

Merchandise from artisans

Merchandise from artisans

Gaulton had experience in retail, and worked for Corporate America for over 30 years. Gaulton was making a six-figure salary, and decided to quit her job in 2001 so she could serve the poor. She gathered up her family and moved them from their huge home in Arcadia, to a smaller one in Temple City, selling their cars and everything that they could so they could be financially free.

When she got back from her trip, she went to work, and her plan for Heavenly Treasures began to bloom in her garage, in 1997.

Heavenly Treasures is a faith-based ministry and fair trade certified organization that helps artisans in the developing world start and maintain small businesses that focus on handcrafted products. Heavenly Treasures acts as a medium, acquiring foreign handmade products and selling them in the United States.

They seek out individuals who already have a skill and provide business training, product development, life lessons, and a market to sell their products. They have helped over 1700 people in over 20 different countries, and those numbers steadily grow each day.

More of the products offered at the Glendora shop

More of the products offered at the Glendora shop

100% of sales are reinvested back into each artisan’s business, so Heavenly Treasures relies on donations to maintain the store and pay rent.

The organization focuses on community, business, and spiritual development, and seeks to fight poverty, improve sustainability, provide education, and combat hunger.

Shop with a Mission provides top quality handicrafts at a reasonable price, with products varying from cow horn bowls, to hand woven blankets.

The store has successfully been able to raise almost $13 million to help the poor.

Walls covered with different skilled artisans product

Walls covered with different skilled artisans product

Shop with a Mission was previously located on Foothill for 12½ years, but now resides across the street from Clubhouse 66, at 1325 E. Route 66.

Be a part of global change and help make a difference by donating or shopping at Shop with a Mission weekdays 10am-6pm, and Saturdays 10am-5pm. Receive a gift with a purchase of $20 or more by mentioning this article!