City Council Once Again A Five Candidate Race

Current Mayor Gene Murabito has seemingly reentered the race for our next City Council election.

Murabito, who is up for reelection along with Incumbent Karen Davis, had previously announced he was suspending his campaign at the last City Council meeting.

In the weeks afterwards, Murabito has told GCN he received an overwhelming number of people encouraging him to stay in the race. Based on the support, he has decided to once again hold office, if elected.

To learn more about all of the candidates, please visit our candidate page.

Murabito provided the following written statement to GCN.

“As some of you know, I recently suspended by campaign for reelection. My
decision was based in large part on commitments, both personal and
professional, that prevent me from dedicating the time needed to run a

Since making my announcement, I have had an overwhelming number of
supporters come forward encouraging me to stay in the race and asking that I
commit to serve if elected. My answer to them is yes.

My name is still on the ballot and I want to assure all Glendora residents
that if you vote for me, your vote will count. If I am fortunate enough to
be reelected, then it would be an honor to continue to serve this community
as one of your City Council members.

Most importantly, please exercise your right to vote on March 7th.”-Gene Murabito

Early GCN poll showing sizeable lead by Allawos, followed by Davis and Landmann.

Early GCN poll showing sizeable lead by Allawos, followed by Davis and Landmann.

An early poll conducted by GCN on February 13, showed Michael Allawos with a sizeable lead among the five candidates, followed by Karen Davis and Erica Landmann, who were neck and neck.

Although there was only a small sampling of votes, the % for each candidate remained the same from when the poll opened, until it was closed 7 hours later. In the 2015 election, the GCN poll called the race two months early, within a few percentage points of each candidate.

It is to note at the time of this recent poll, that we had Gene Murabito listed as “suspended campaign” and did not provide any campaign information on him.

Another poll may not be done by GCN due to influence by a computer BOT program that attempted to influence our poll later in the day, giving over one hundred votes to the two incumbents. The votes were logged in a three minute span from an IP address which has been traced to Pomona.

Niether candidate had knowledge of this BOT program and there is no evidence it should be blamed on them, however it is disheartening that our preliminary poll would be taken advantage of by anyone.