More Mountain Lion Footage In Foothills Above Glendora

Mountain Lion above Glendora as photographed by Robert Martinez

The following comes courtesy of GCN wildlife enthusiast Robert Martinez and his cameras in the Foothills above Glendora:

Lots of lion activity in the last week! Well It looks likes Limpy the lion might be pregnant. She has been around here and there lately, leaving scrapes, and now she appears in two different videos, days apart, with a very full belly.

Also a very banged up male lion with an injured right eye, passed by twice in one week. On Monday morning, he passed by my Reconyx on the canyon floor. Then about forty minutes later, he passed by my DSLR and Bushnell cameras, up on Sunset Ridge.

For more information, check out Martinez YouTube page, Parliament of Owls. You can also see his amazing photography at