Election Day: Measure GG 21st Century Classrooms Reinvigorate Learning

Written by Melinda Dilwicius:

With technology becoming increasingly integrated in people’s everyday lives, it has become apparent that today’s students must be adequately prepared to function in a society driven by technology and collaboration. Glendora USD has recognized this need and taken steps to move in the right direction- Forward and into the future.

We spoke with three teachers piloting the 21st Century Classroom at three different Glendora schools: La Fetra Elementary School, Sandburg Middle School, and Glendora High School. All teachers had positive feedback and reported an increase in student engagement, collaboration, and technology skills that will prepare students for real life.

The incorporation of technology such as ChromeBooks allows students to engage in learning at their targeted level. For example, an advanced reader could be assigned more challenging material, or a challenged reader could have the computer or mobile device read the book to the student as they follow along. Students participate in self-directed learning that can be driven by student interactions rather than lecture.

One teacher, Mrs. Kristy Espino commented, “When students own their learning, they retain more information and their learning is more meaningful.” When digital devices are incorporated into this adaptive learning process, students view them as “tools for learning and not as a novelty for a project,” Espino added.

A collaborative working environment is imperative at any company or organization, so building that model in a classroom setting with collaborative learning better prepares students for life after graduation. In the 21st Century Classroom, teachers are able to have students “complete multi-layered tasks in research/written work and participate in activities that include collaborative functions all while becoming more literate in technology,” stated Mrs. Daniela Kent. The collaboration can even carry outside the classroom and students can utilize tools such as e-mail, Google Classroom, Remind and other tools/programs “to extend their learning and seek clarification,” according to Espino.

Many students of today already have access to digital tools at home; a 21st Century Classroom allows teachers to use that foundation and teach students how to use those tools to learn, create and innovate. Kent stated, “if we want our future to innovate, we have to model innovation.” Computers and tablets have become the pen and pencil for today’s learners, and teachers like Ms. Kelly Tilton recognize that, “teaching students how to use technology to learn, research collaborate and solve problems will better prepare them for their careers.”

With the passing of Bond Measure GG, 21st Century Classrooms can become a reality for all Glendora students and teachers. Glendora classrooms can become a model of education, teaching and learning for other districts. Help move the 21st Century classroom from being a classroom of the future to a classroom of the now by voting YES on Bond Measure GG on Tuesday November 7, 2017.

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