38 Year-Old Man Armed With Knife Arrested For Assaulting Minors

Stock Image, Glendora Police.

A 38 year-old man got into a confrontation with 3 juveniles Wednesday afternoon, shortly after 3pm. The confrontation lead to the adult being arrested after a physical altercation ensued and the man pulled a knife, according to Glendora Police Detective Mike Howell.

The 38 year-old male suspect, who was on a bicycle traveling eastbound on Foothill Blvd, near Cullen Ave, approached 2 male juveniles and one female juvenile coming the opposite way. Apparently the man was leering at the female juvenile and may have said something according to a witness.

The suspect went right up to one of the boys and punched him in the face. The other boy jumped in to defend his friend and the suspect then pulled out what appeared to be a pocket knife. The 2 boys and girl began to flee away from the suspect.

At the same time the juveniles were trying to get away, Glendora Police were already responding to the scene from 911 calls reporting the incident. Glendora officers immediately detained the suspect and ultimately arrested him.

Arrested was 38 year-old Minor Maradiaga of Glendora. He has a previous criminal history but nothing along these charges noted Glendora Police Captain Matt Egan.

Maradiaga has been transferred to a Los Angeles County Jail and charged with Inflicting Injury on a Child, Child Annoying and Exhibiting a Deadly Weapon/Not a Firearm.