Local Preschool Hosts First Graduation

United Methodist Preschool, in Glendora, hosted a graduation for their departing kids this year, in a fun way to encourage the scary next step of Kindergarten. The event was held at the school church area and attended by parents.

This was the first year United Methodist Preschool has done a graduation for the students. It was very successful and the children as well as the parents seemed to have a lot of fun with it. It looks to be a yearly event moving forward and just another great event in our city that focuses around supporting the children in our community.

“United Methodist Preschool has taught us so much throughout our young years; we know our colors, shapes, numbers, letters and how to write our names. More importantly, they have showed us how to share, to respect one another, be kind to others and to love ourselves. Now we are ready for our next big step…KINDERGARTEN!”, was the official statement from Preschool Director Laurene Herrera.