Sales Tax Proposed to Keep Funds Local

Glendora City Hall

Glendora City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to go ahead to put a .75% sales tax increase on the ballot to be voted on by residence in a Special Election in March 2019. This decision was made after much discussion and testimony by City Staff, Council, and residence of Glendora. Glendora City Council’s proposal will keep 100% of the additional funds collected local as opposed to the many sales tax increases that have been approved lately that requires funds to be spent on projects that may or may not benefit Glendora.

The State of California has a maximum sales tax set at 10.25% for anywhere in the State. Since Los Angeles County has passed several Countywide sales tax measures in recent years, the minimum sales tax in any community in Los Angeles County is 9.5%. Many cities residents have recently opted to make the decision to keep that last legal .75% local by enacting a local sales tax measure before Los Angeles County proposes another increase.

Should the voters of Glendora choose to approve this .75% increase, it will put Glendora at the maximum sales tax allowed by the State of California, so any additional sales taxes implemented in Los Angeles County would not apply to Glendora shoppers.  It will also guarantee that the additional funds will stay in Glendora and will be used for local programs and capital improvements.

Details and video testimony can be reviewed on the City’s website here:

Additional background on this topic:
Earlier this year the City Council established the Ad Hoc Glendora Citizens Revenue Committee in order to solicit input and ideas from residents and businesses on the likely revenue problem with a focus on:

  • Why there may be a problem
  • How and/or what might be recommended to create new revenue sources
  • Are there other ways to address the “problem”

The Ad Hoc committee has recently been reviewing several solutions to budgetary issues the City is currently dealing with and those forecasted in the near future. Details on the background and study of the above proposal and others can be reviewed on the following Ad Hoc Committee page.

More information and meetings on this matter will be shared in the coming months to properly educate the residence and business owners of Glendora on this issue. Please stay tuned and stay informed.