Officials Lower City’s Alert Status

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After assessing the damage and debris left after Friday morning’s brief, but powerful thunderstorm, Glendora officials have downgraded the Colby alert status to green, Friday afternoon.

A green status means:

  • No evacuation orders in effect.
  • No rain-related parking restrictions in effect.
  • Residents encouraged to monitor weather conditions and be alert to changes.
  • No restricted entry to any city/county areas.

The storm, which struck the San Gabriel Valley after 2 a.m., dumped .90 inches of rain on Glendora, according to the National Weather Service.

Hail also accompanied the thunderstorm, which forced the closure of The Glendora Country Club and caused multiple accidents on the Interstate 210 freeway near the 57 interchange.

Substantial mudslides affected homes in the gated community of the Easley Canyon Estates, where at least one home had four feet of mud slide down against the rear of the property. Some mud seeped into the home.

The mudslide was powerful enough to knock the electric gate that allows residents in and out of the community, forcing fire fighters to use heavy equipment to lift the gate back on its track to allow them in.

Saturday’s weather calls for partly cloudy skies with a high of 68 degrees. Temperatures will rise into the high 70s by Tuesday.



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