Stolen Vehicle Crashes Head-On Into Pole, Driver Flees

A 4 AM crash into a power pole is leaving some residents in the Northwest portion of Glendora without power for what may be most of the day.

Side view of Toyota crashed into power pole

Side view of Toyota crashed into power pole

The crash, which occurred shortly after 4 AM this morning in the 400 West block of Leadora, involved a white Toyota Camry that has been reported stolen out of San Dimas, according to Lt. Matt Egan of Glendora PD.

The vehicle crashed head-on into a power pole about 20 feet away from a Glendora resident’s bedroom window. That resident happened to be myself, GCN Editor Zak Bushey.

There were no brakes heard screeching before the loud crash which sounded like thunder. There were also no skid marks behind the vehicle leading up to the impact of the collision. Within one minute I was outside approaching the vehicle in front of my house at the same time Glendora PD was already arriving in response to my wife’s 911 call.

Upon reaching the vehicle, whoever was involved had already fled the scene and even shut the car doors after exiting. A search of the area with officers did not find any suspects or crash victims.

There were no signs of any major injuries in the vehicle.

Cable supply breaker and box crushed from crash

Cable supply breaker and box crushed from crash

Southern California Edison will need to replace the power pole, as it is not repairable. Their estimate was it would be an all day process, with the cable company also working on a main supply box that the vehicle crushed while colliding with the power pole.