Car Careens Off GMR Christmas Morning

Another day, another accident up Glendora Mountain Road. There are a couple lucky people this Christmas, as a driver and passenger involved in a 60 foot plunge survived, escaping with only minor injuries.

The accident occurred at mile marker 10.63 around 3:45am Christmas morning and involved a Lexus sedan, according to a witness of the vehicle recovery. The occupants included a male driver and one female passenger. It was not initially clear if alcohol was a factor and the California Highway Patrol, who responded to the call, was not yet available for comment. Both the driver and passenger were taken to Foothill Presbyterian Hospital in Glendora to be checked out.

This part of GMR has a very sharp curve in the road, which is where the vehicle went off. The witness of the recovery, who also provided the vehicle photo, is a freelance photographer who has seen at least one accident at this same turn in the road.

“I think the fact that they both survived makes them very lucky. They were just a few feet from a second drop off, and if they fell down there then their injuries surely could have been more severe.” the witness said.

The last time I was at that curve for a wreck, the man had gone down that second drop off. He was critically injured and had to be flown by helicopter to a trauma center.” the witness added.

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