Planning Commission To Begin Study of Route 66 Specific Plan

After concerns from residents, a town hall meeting and direction from City Council members, the Glendora Planning Commission will start a lengthy review of the Route 66 Specific Plan beginning tonight.

The purpose of these study sessions is to re-examine the goals sought during the creation of the eight sub-districts within the Route 66 Specific Plan, development standards in each sub-district and concerns gathered during public comment, as well as comments from the Planning Department.

The first two sub-districts to be discussed will be the Technology, Commerce and Office sub-district and the Lone Hill Gateway, both covering the area of town along Route 66 from Compromise Line Road to Amelia Avenue.

This process of review and discussion is expected to take several months with the Planning Commission covering one to two sub-districts per meeting every month, City Staff said.

After all sub-districts have been re-examined, the Planning Commission will draft a report with recommendations for follow-up or action, which the City Council will consider to possibly modify the Specific Plan.

Residents and business owners are strongly encouraged to attend these planning commission meetings to hear the discussion and provide comment, City Staff said.

Adopted in 2003, the Route 66 Specific Plan was started in the year 2000 after the formation of the Alosta Corridor Committee.

The Committee consisted of 20 members from the community and helped to formulate land use ideas.

The intention was to revitalize the Route 66 corridor over a 20-year period with a set of zoning guidelines which helped set forth a uniform land plan and uniform set of design guidelines.

Revitalization meant increasing the job base of Route 66 and to increase housing densities that the Committee believed would make the area attract businesses and other services.

View the development town hall archived on Glendora City News.

Live video of the Planning Commission meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, can be viewed at this link.

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