Route 66 Specific Plan Review Continues May 19

Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

The Glendora Planning Commission will discuss two more subdistricts during its months-long review of the hotly debated Route 66 Specific Plan.

The Route 66 Service Commercial and Central Route 66 Residential subdistricts will be reviewed during a special Planning Commission tonight at 7 p.m. The goal of the commission is to review each of the eight sub districts that make up the Route 66 Specific Plan.


Route 66 Specific PlanRoute 66 Service Commercial Subdistrict

  • Allows for broad commercial uses.
  • Envisioned as a “primary node for locally-serving businesses and commercial activity.”
  • Provides for small scale commercial, office and light industrial uses.
  • Designed to create a positive image of the city through streetscape elements, landscape buffers and quality site design.
  • Developers who combine two or more parcels are provided the incentive to increase their floor area ratio from .30 to .45.

Planning Staff believes the district is home to an inconsistent variety of structures and suffers from underutilization due to its narrow and deep lots. A lack of investment reportedly persists due to its location and is least likely to attract developers.


Route 66 Specific PlanCentral Route 66 Residential Subdistrict

  • Intended to contribute a mix of housing choices to the city while maintaining a look consistent with Glendora’s general plan housing element.
  • Locally-serving retail and other residential-compatible uses are encouraged in the CRR.
  • Written to encourage pedestrian connections to trails, transit stops, commercial uses and sidewalks.

Development incentives are offered. Floor area ratios can be increased by .05 for lot consolidation and .05 for the addition of mixed-use components; while 10 extra units per acre per category can be added. Buildings up to four stories are also granted to developers who meet incentive requirements.

The City Council initiated the Rout 66 Specific Plan’s review in October of 2014 after much public concern. The review process will determine if the Specific Plan still meets the community’s standards.

At least one or two subdistricts will be reviewed per month. A presentation of a Specific Plan report is scheduled to be delivered to the Planning Commission October 6.

The May 19 Planning Commission meeting starts at 7 p.m. in the City Council chambers, 116 E. Foothill Blvd.