No Arrests Made After Verbal, Physical Fight at Home Depot

Stock Image, Glendora Police.

Two men were involved in a verbal spat that escalated into a physical altercation outside Home Depot Tuesday afternoon.

Police were dispatched to the call at 3:19 p.m. to the business at 1305 S. Lone Hill Ave.

A Corona resident, who asked not to be identified, provided video of the altercation to Glendora City News.

The verbal altercation took place in front of the store. One of the men, who identified himself on camera as Kyle, took issue with the driver of a red Toyota for allegedly keeping a dog inside the vehicle during the hot afternoon. It is unknown how long the dog was inside the vehicle, although it was parked in the shade in the video.

“A 23-year-old male saw a subject park his car and leave his dog in the car. He didn’t like that,” said Lt. Rob Lamborghini of Glendora Police. “A fight ensued. The owner of the dog left the location before officers arrived.”

In the video, it appeared that Kyle tried to retrieve the dog from the car after the owner opened the trunk to put away some property.

“I … just packed up our truck when I heard yelling. It sounded like it was about the guy leaving the dog in the car. The fight went about five to 10 minutes, no more then that,” the Corona resident said.

As the driver attempted to leave the scene, Kyle stood in front of the car. The driver then accelerated forward twice, striking Kyle, allegedly causing him pain.

“When the car hit the guy, I wasn’t scared. I was just trying to get the whole video. It was shocking how it escalated quick,” the Corona resident said.

Police on scene interviewed Kyle about the incident, but since the driver left the scene before police arrived, no arrests were made, Lamborghini said.