Driver Shears Hydrant on Auto Centre Drive

Photo courtesy of Julie Davidson.

Police are still on scene of a traffic collision on the south east Lone Hill Avenue and Auto Centre Drive.

Officers were first dispatched to the collision at 7:02 p.m. The driver of a silver truck completely sheared the hydrant from the sidewalk, sending a 20-foot geyser of water into the air and drenching an already rain-soaked street.

Police are still investigating and it has not yet been disclosed if the crash was rain-related or the result of a DUI.

Fire fighters and workers were on scene to shut off the water to the sheared hydrant. An ambulance was dispatched to the scene of the crash, but it is not known if anyone suffered injuries.

Two Glendora Police officers are on scene investigating the crash, said Sgt. Mike Henderson of Glendora Police.

No further information was available.


Photo courtesy of Julie Davidson.