Strange Orb Lights Up SoCal

Photo courtesy of Colleen Freking.

Millions of Southern California residents witnessed a bright light slowly traverse the dim autumn sky Saturday night.

The white light featured a green glowing tail, resembling a comet, as it moved in the western sky around 6 p.m. There are unconfirmed reports the light was seen as far away as Arizona.

While countless people have taken to social media to give their theories as to what the light was, from aliens, to the Taurid Meteor shower, the Orange County Sheriff’s Deparment through their Twitter page confirmed through John Wayne Airport that the light was a naval test fire off the coast.

Orange County Sheriff's Dept.

Officials from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Station reported on Twitter “military exercises off of Catalina Island. Lights and lasers can be seen from beach and coastline. No need to call 911.”

ABC7 news has confirmed with the U.S. Coast Guard that it was a rocket launched from the Point Mugu Naval Base.

Earlier this week, flights through Los Angeles International Airport began operating on rerouted flight paths due to anticipated military exercises near the coast.