VIDEO: Mama Mountain Lion, Cubs Frolic While Cameras Roll

Photo courtesy of Parliament of the Owls.

He’s done it again.

Local nature enthusiast and Youtuber Robert Martinez was fortunate enough to have caught a mother mountain lion and her two cubs enjoying a walk in the Glendora foothills.

Martinez caught the mother mountain lion, which he named Limpy, and her kittens at a familiar spot for the cougar, one of a few the photographer has noted for a few years.

“I was hoping this might happen at one of my camera spots. I had a feeling Limpy and her kittens might return to some of her old spots that I’ve been seeing her at over the last three years,” Martinez said on his Youtube page. “I feel so lucky that my cameras captured such precious and intimate behavior between a mom and her yearlings.”

In the video, both kittens are seen play fighting while cameras flash and shutters click.

At one point, one of the mountain lions knocks down one of Martinez’s cameras and sniffs at it.

Later, the kittens decide to play fight in front of the camera, giving viewers a rather intimate view of these energetic and majestic creatures.

It’s been a constant learning process and such a rewarding experience tracking these beautiful big cats,”Martinez told GCN.

Martinez has been capturing our foothills’ inhabitants on camera for four years and while he has not had a close encounter of the “furred” kind with these animals, he has had something stolen from him in February of 2015 by a four-legged creature.

In February of 2015, I saw a mountain lion with my flashlight, sitting on a bridge, right next to a closed road. That was so surreal and exciting,” Martinez said.


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