WATER WATCH: Statewide Savings Stays Strong Despite Higher October Usage

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.com.

The California State Water Resources Control Board reported a 27.1 percent statewide savings in the five months since Governor Brown’s emergency regulations went into effect.

The savings equals a reduction of 913,851 acre feet of water from June to October, despite a drop in the conservation rate from September (26.4 percent) to October (22.2 percent). The statewide goal is 1.2 million acre feet.

“We anticipated a dip in the conservation rate for October, but it is not because people are losing interest–they actually did quite well considering how unusually hot it was in October,” said Felicia Marcus, chair of the State Water Resources Control Board in a written statement December 1. “It’s harder to keep the percentages up in the fall and winter when little outdoor watering takes place. That’s why the savings over the summer were so important. Now, we need to keep finding ways to save water.”

The State Water Board set individualized conservation goals for each urban water supplier, which must report savings data every month.

Glendora’s monthly savings target is 36 percent.

The city’s cumulative savings (compared to 2013) from June to October 2015 is 35.1 percent, just under 1 percentage point lower than the Water Board’s conservation standard for Glendora.

In October, the city’s savings was 32 percent compared to 2013.