VIDEO: Bomb Squad Detonates Suspicious Item

Shortly after 3pm today a resident in the 1000 block of East Palm Drive reported a suspicious item to Glendora PD.

Upon initial inspection, it appeared to be a pipe bomb like item, but without wires according to GPD. The Los Angeles Sheriff Bomb Squad was called to ensure the safety of the neighborhood.

Bomb Squad RobotThe item was in the intersection of Kregmont Dr and Palm Dr, just north of Goddard Middle School.

The bomb squad sent over a robot to inspect the device more closely. It could not be determined if the item was really a pipe bomb so they did two remote detonations to destroy the item.

It was determined after, to simply be a PVC pipe that had been filled with nuts and bolts, possibly for a plumber or contractor said Lt. Scott Strong of GPD.

The video below was taken by GCN as the second detonation occurred.




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