GPD Releases Info and Images of Monday’s Suspicious Item

*Photo courtesy of Glendora Police Department

The Glendora Police Department has released images to GCN of the suspicious item that was found, and ultimately remote detonated by the bomb squad, in the 1000 block of East Palm Drive on Monday. The item was reported by a resident and looked similar to a pipe bomb type explosive.

Suspicious Item found in the street on Palm Dr. *Photo courtesy of Glendora Police Department

Suspicious Item found in the street on Palm Dr.

These images were taken and sent to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad. The LASD bomb squad, being the experts, upon reviewing the images had the responsibility deferred to them by GPD, according to Chief Tim Staab.

“It’s better to be cautious than sorry, especially with an explosive. I think anyone who sees this device would believe that there’s not an everyday legitimate use for it.”, Staab told GCN.

The item was in the intersection of Kregmont Dr and Palm Dr, just north of Goddard Middle School.

The bomb squad sent over a robot to inspect the device more closely. It could not be determined if the item was really a pipe bomb so they did two remote detonations to destroy the item.

The video below was taken by GCN as the second detonation occurred.