Glendora Music Coach Has Talent Succeeding on American Idol

American Idol contestant Krysti Jewel

The farewell season of American Idol is underway and one Glendora business has their stamp on some of the talent.

John Henny, of John Henny Music Academy, has had his student, Krysti Jewel, get past the initial round and received the illusive golden ticket. The golden ticket is awarded by the judges to the contestants that are invited to Hollywood Week.

John Henny Music Academy in The Glendora Village.

John Henny Music Academy in The Glendora Village.

The John Henny Music Academy is in the Glendora Village and offers voice and numerous instrument lessons. Henny is a long-time Glendora resident.

At just 15 years old, Jewel is one of the youngest contestants to make it to Hollywood this season. What’s even more impressive is that she got the vote from all three judges on the panel to catapult her through to the next round. Henny has been coaching her since she was 6 years old.

Jewel, an Arcadia resident, originally came to Henny for voice lessons at his South Pasadena vocal studio.

As for this American Idol audition, Henny helped her fine tune and got her expedited to try out.

Krysti performing for the judges at the open auditions

Krysti performing for the judges at the open auditions

“I helped pick her audition song and helped her get the high notes working properly. I was able to take her straight to the producers because of my contacts at Idol. She did not have to go through the public auditions where thousands of people stand in line,” Henny said.

She performed “Mamma Knows Best” by Jessie J at the audition.

Henny noted that not only is Jewel excited but her parents are also huge fans of the show and just seeing their daughter sing for the judges made their dream come true.

For Henny, this is not the first time his pupils have reached success on competition type shows.

Just last season, Rayvon Owen, Another of Henny’s students, came in fourth on Idol and went on tour with the finalists after, boosting his career.

Another of his students, Tasha Layton, made it to Hollywood and later became a backup singer to Katy Perry, also starring in her concert film “Part of Me,” while student Dani Knights also did well on the hit show X-Factor.

Henny said he has had at least one current or former student make it to Hollywood Week on Idol each of the last 10 years.

The John Henny Music Academy is located at 123 N. Glendora Ave. They can be reached by phone at (626) 963-1777 or on their website at