Two Instructors Leading Music Performance Renaissance in Glendora

Photo Courtesy of Mike's Guitar World

John Henny and Mike Kinney could not be any more different but both are revitalizing music performance in Glendora.

John HennyJohn Henny is the owner of the John Henny Music Academy, formerly Sing Inc., in The Village and has been studying music for over 40 years, banging on his first drum set at age 11. He has had the pleasure of working with the same teachers who worked with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. He still has a Studio City location where he still works with celebrities and professional singers.

These musical experiences led him into becoming an instructor and his lectures have taken him to many countries including London, Poland, Australia and New Zealand.
John moved away from Glendora but had the desire to bring his experience back.

“I moved away from Glendora about 15 years ago, but when I had the chance to bring music education here, I jumped at the chance,” Henny said.

The experience that he gained from working with both singers and musicians opened up a level of instruction that he saw as beneficial to Glendora. The Glendora School District offers music programs but the technology aspect is a main focus of his music academy, in addition to voice, piano, keyboard and other instrument lessons.

“I wanted to be able to bring that level of education to Glendora. I was able, with my wife Tracee, to build a state-of-the-art facility in the Glendora Village where students can experience stage performance, as well as recording, along with their regular lessons,” Henny added.

Mike KinneyMike Kinney, owner of Mike’s Guitar World on Route 66, is on the forefront of performance based lessons as well. With his flair for rock and roll since he was 12 and strumming his first guitar, Mike offers a chance for children and young adults the opportunity to play alongside each other in local shows and form bands.

Lessons like guitar, drums, bass and keyboard form the base of beginning bands that he leads to perform at local fundraisers, city events and even band battles. You may have listened to his bands at last year’s Village Wine Walk or Battle of the Bands at T Phillip’s and Clubhouse 66.

In addition to those performances, Mike has got his student bands involved in performing at Glendora’s Relay for Life, Oak Tree Festival, numerous schools and even at the Glendora Band Aid fundraiser for Colby Fire victims who lost their homes last year.

Mike believes instilling these early fundamentals are important no matter how far the students want to take it.

“Incorporating the magic of performing into our facility by providing different vehicles for the students to perform, whether it is at a recital or onstage with a band, our students have a real chance to express themselves musically.” Kinney said.

If your children are interested in lessons, please go learn more about The John Henny Music Academy and Mike’s Guitar World at their websites below.



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