GPD Officer In Unprovoked Attack, Altercation Ensues

A Glendora Police Officer has some minor injuries after being involved in an unprovoked altercation.

The officer was responding to a call for service shortly after 1pm today in the 1100 block of E. Gladstone St, according to Capt. Joe Ward of GPD.

For unknown reasons, a plumbing van flipped a U-turn and proceeded to follow the police car westbound on Gladstone.

Plumbing van driven by suspect who attacked officer

Plumbing van driven by suspect who attacked officer

The plumbing van then tried to collide with the police car, but was unsuccessful. The officer stopped and the suspect exited his van and attempted to make entry into the officer’s driver side door.

The officer exited his door at which point the suspect had went around to the passenger side door to try to gain entry.

After the officer exited his police car, the suspect began to attack the officer. Another responding officer was able to get to the scene and the two officers continued trying to gain control of the suspect, and were finally able to after a brief struggle.

The suspect was arrested but it was still not immediately known why he attacked the officer. This is a good example of the uncertainty that our police officers experience at any given moment.




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