Glendora Announces Gold Line Shuttle Service

Workers displayed the Kinkisharyo P3010 rail cars at the Azusa Downtown Station Saturday, September 19. The rail cars are assembled in Palmdale, California. Photo by Aaron Castrejon.

Starting Monday,  April 4, the city will begin offering a shuttle to and from the Downtown Azusa Station to give residents access to the month-old Gold Line Foothill Extension.

Shuttles will run every 30 minutes during a.m. and p.m. peak hours, one route originating from the Crowther Teen and Family Center, the second shuttle originating from the Transit Parking Plaza at Mountain View and Cullen avenues. Rides are 50 cents.


Gold Line Shuttle NorthNorth Route: Transit Parking Plaza – Mountain View and Cullen avenues to Downtown Azusa Station

  • Parking lot located north of Foothill Boulevard on Mountain View Avenue east of Cullen.
  • 59 spaces available on a first come, first serve basis. No permit required.
  • Drivers are asked to refrain from parking along Dalton Avenue west of Cullen.




Gold Line Shuttle SouthSouth Route: Crowther Teen and Family Center to Downtown Azusa Station

  • Parking lot located west of the teen center tennis courts.
  • 98 spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. No permits are required.
  • Shuttle stop located on Dawson Avenue near the tennis courts.
  • Drivers asked to not park in the main teen center lot.

Some GCN readers were wondering why the shuttles run every 30 minutes and not on a more frequent schedule.

“The City currently has a fleet of 10 vehicles consisting of six mini-vans and four shuttle buses to operate our fixed route Metrolink shuttle services as well as our Dial-A-Ride operation,” said Justine Garcia, transportation programs analyst for Glendora’s Transportation Division.

“To kick-start this new shuttle program we are shifting one of the Metrolink shuttles to Gold Line shuttle service as participants move over to the Gold Line. We will continue to monitor both services over the next few months.”

Gold Line Shuttles are running to the Downtown Azusa Station instead of the Citrus College /APU Station due to limited access via Citrus Avenue, where construction on the connector road continues. The City of Azusa requested the Gold Line Shuttle run to the Downtown Azusa Station until construction is complete, Garcia said.

For now, the shuttle will only run during peak a.m. and p.m. hours.

“Similar to the Metrolink shuttle, this shuttle service has been created specifically for those using Gold Line to commute during peak hours. Our goal is to assist those Glendora commuters who are finding parking difficult during those times,” Garcia said. Additional data from Gold Line Extension ridership and funding would be needed to determine expansion of the Gold Line shuttle and Dial-A-Ride.

Glendora shuttles are only able to accept cash and paper tokens. Residents asked if TAP cards could be used to board city shuttles, but Metro has not expanded TAP Card service to small agencies yet, Garcia said.

Residents can fill out a comment form with suggestions, which could help the city compete for grant funds which may help the city meet the community’s needs.