BREAKING NEWS: Glendora’s ‘Baggy Eyes Bandit’ Arrested After Anaheim Hills Robbery

Photos courtesy of Laura Eimiller.

Glendora Police have announced an accused serial bank robber that struck Glendora about six months ago was caught in Anaheim Hills August 27 during a failed bank robbery.

Artur Stepanyan, a 29-year-old Van Nuys resident, was arrested after Citibank employees recognized him and called Anaheim Police officers after he walked into their branch, 5677 E. La Palma Ave. Employees stalled Stepanyan, giving Anaheim Police time to find him driving away. Stepanyan was arrested soon after.

Stepanyan was charged in a criminal complaint filed in United States District Court in Los Angeles with two bank robberies, including one that occurred at a Citibank in Placentia on March 4, and an attempted robbery that occurred at a Citibank in Anaheim on August 27, said Laura Eimiller, public information officer with the FBI Los Angeles Field Office.

Stepanyan was turned over to federal custody the morning of August 30 and had an initial court appearance before a federal magistrate and was granted bond, Eimiller said. He is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Stepanyan reportedly confessed to robbing the Glendora Citibank on February 29 and Citibank branches in Placentia on March 4, Arcadia March 4, Rancho Cucamonga July 14, Chino Hills August 4, Norco August 16 and Anaheim Hills August 27, said Glendora Police Detective Russell Ziino.

Stepanyan was driving a white BMW with paper plates, according to information provided by the FBI to Glendora detectives.

According to FBI information give to Glendora detectives, Stepanyan was reportedly inspired to rob banks by watching a Youtube video about a 16-year-old female bank robber who issued a note to the teller, Ziino.

Stepanyan reportedly lost his job March of 2016 and needed to provide for his wife and two children.

Stepanyan’s alleged method of robbery was to issue a demand note to each teller while claiming to be armed. He never revealed a weapon, however.

The FBI will prosecute Stpanyan federally for all of the bank robberies, Ziino said.


This story has been updated to include transfer of custody, court date information and information on Stepanyan’s failed robbery attempt in Anaheim.